Cultural and Creative Exchange Space Terms and Conditions

Coolistic ( hereinafter referred to as our shop)

Bohen Enterprises (hereinafter referred to as Our company)

Cultural and creative exchange space (hereinafter referred to as site)

THE CUBES small box except (hereinafter referred to as the room)

5 minutes before and after the reservation period (hereinafter referred to as Free time period)

Eligibility and use rights:

  • Only registered tenants are present, and other participating personnel can enter the venue.
  • The monthly fee plan can only be used by the registered person, Not to be shared by multiple people.
  • Monthly fee plans are not transferable.
  • The package plan can be used by different people.

Workshop nature:

  • Our shop accommodates workshops of different natures. We still hope to respect every guest present , so if the event is disgusting or disturbing to those present, The shop reserves the right to suspend its activities immediately and ask the registered instructors and students to leave the venue.
  • The cultural and creative exchange space is a shared space, and it is not suitable for activities with strong smells, a lot of sounds, and large-scale physical movements. For related activities, you can choose to rent our independent room THE CUBES small box hold.
  • If you make an appointment to hold events and workshops, you must provide the contents of the club for the arrangement. If you refuse to provide, the shop also reserves the right to refuse its appointment.


  • Reservations for rental tables and rooms must be paid in full in advance.
  • All appointments can be changed once free of charge three working days before the appointment date, and no refunds will be provided in all cases.
  • Hourly rental charges are calculated on an hourly basis, Less than 1 hour is also counted as 1 hour.
  • The daily rental use time is the business hours of the day of the shop.
  • No refunds or exchanges after the package is sold.
  • Both the monthly fee and the package plan provide a 7 -day cooling-off period . Customers who wish to cancel within 7 days can apply for a refund. The store will refund the payment method after deducting the service charges used by the customer within 7 days.

seat arrangement:

  • Events and workshops require prior reservations. The location is arranged by the clerk. If you want to use it immediately without an appointment, There will be a chance that no space is available because the space is full.
  • If there is a need to change the workbench or change the activity time, Registered tenants should notify colleagues at the relevant venue 72 hours before the event to make arrangements. Otherwise, there is a chance that it cannot be arranged due to problems such as full seats.
  • Seats are arranged by store staff with various considerations to provide the best location for tenants, Therefore, if there is not enough space at that time, There is a chance that a tenant's transfer request will not be accepted.
  • The number of people reserved at the workbench is the optimal number of users. If possible, a maximum of one additional seat can be added for a 2-4 person table, and a maximum of two additional seats for a 6-8 person table .
  • Do not occupy unleased countertops or spaces, otherwise the space will be charged on the hourly rent basis and paid by the registered tenant.

Rental time:

  • Registered tenants can register 5 minutes before and after the appointment time slot (hereinafter referred to as The free period) is exempted from the calculation fee, For preparation and pick-up, overtime will be calculated as the hourly rent of the station or room, and less than 1 hour will be calculated as 1 hour. If the tenant enters the store after the appointment time, If you leave earlier than the reserved time slot, you will not be granted a free time slot.
  • The venue and room must wait for the registered tenant to enter the venue, Only its students and other participants can enter the venue. If the registered instructor is not present, Students need to wait outside the venue and room.
  • After the rental period ends, All persons must leave the venue, The stay cannot be extended. If you want to extend the time, you need to arrange with the store staff.
  • If you want to stay after the rental period ends, Or to extend the rental time, you need to check with the clerk first to see if there is any vacancy. Arrangements must be made in advance and payment is required.
  • Registered tenants must wait for all participants to leave the venue, Otherwise, the shop will charge the registered tenant for 2 hours of rent for the station or space as an arrangement fee. Please leave the venue if arranged by the clerk.
  • If there is any dispute about the rental time, the CCTV records of our store will be used as a comparison.

For safety:

  • If you need to use special equipment ( such as electric stove, etc. ) , the tenant must tell the shop when making an appointment. It is up to the shop to decide whether it is safe or if there is enough power supply to allow it to be used.
  • If the participants of the activity are minors, At least one adult or registered adult instructor must be present for each activity (hereinafter referred to as the person in charge), Responsible for monitoring, managing and caring for children present, and ensuring that children follow the rules of the venue and workshop. If there is a delivery, The responsible person must ensure that minors are picked up by their parents, guardians or authorized persons.
  • It is the responsibility of the registered tenant to ensure the safety of trainees and attendees on the premises and at the event. Book company Will not be responsible for any injury, trauma or loss to the student.

Tenant and Participant Conduct:

  • Registered tenants and participants must maintain good conduct and follow Coolistic bylaws and store clerk instructions. Failure to follow the rules or blasphemy will not be accepted and subject to immediate expulsion without compensation.
  • The registered tenant must be responsible for returning the site after cleaning and restoration. Otherwise, the shop will charge the registered tenant a cleaning fee of HKD$500 .

Baggage / Personal belongings :

  • Registered tenants and participants are responsible for their own luggage and belongings.
  • Coolistic may provide storage space for temporary storage of luggage or belongings during the event. However, please note that Coolistic will not be responsible for any damage or loss of any items in the venue and in the room.

Legal liability :

The activity instructor needs to ensure the safety, legality, and accuracy of the actual activity and description of the activity. The company will not be responsible for the loss and dissatisfaction of the participants due to the event, only the participants can report to the company from the submission form after the event. The legal responsibility arising from the activity shall be borne by the instructor.

The terms and prices are subject to change without prior notice, subject to the announcement on the website.

Space rules :

  • Coolistic is an autonomous and self-disciplined space . Users are requested to be self-disciplined to avoid excessive noise and actions affecting other users. Please also keep the space clean and tidy and avoid occupying additional space.
  • Please adjust the sound-generating device to mute . If you need to use the sound-generating electronic device, please use earphones.
  • To answer the phone, please speak in the corridor outside the store.
  • There are different types of activities in the venue , please respect the position of other guests.
  • The store welcomes children, but parents are requested to take care of themselves to avoid affecting other users.
  • The device and design of this store are not aimed at children. Parents, please take care of children to avoid any collision. Our store is not responsible for any damage.
  • Pets are welcome to enter the store without additional charges. However, if it is a dog, please wear a diaper, and the pet owner must clean up the pet's feces.
  • Charges are calculated on a per table or room basis , please do not occupy other spaces, otherwise additional charges will be calculated at the regular price.
  • Charges are calculated during business hours of the day.
  • If you use our shop for commercial purposes or filming ( private or commercial purposes) , please apply to the company first , otherwise the company will immediately stop the activity and expel the relevant people from the venue without any compensation.
  • Space cannot be rented for gatherings, potlucks or parties, etc.
  • Coolistic is a work space rental service space and does not provide catering services . For inquiries, please contact the store staff.
  • Do not eat outside food and drinks unless permitted.
  • Coolistic can immediately terminate its services and require the tenant to leave the space without any compensation for inappropriate behavior by the tenant.

Pantry Rules :

  • In addition to the designated price items, drinks and food in the pantry are provided free of charge.
  • Any utensils, food and beverages in the pantry can only be enjoyed by the tenant in the store and cannot be taken away. If found, a fee will be charged at the retail price. 
  • It is forbidden to dump any drink or food in the pantry facilities. If found, the shop will immediately charge the dumper HKD$300 for cleaning and disinfection.
  • When using the pantry, please ensure personal hygiene, use tools with care and follow posted signs or verbal instructions from store staff. The company will not be responsible for any damage to the user.
  • Please do not waste food and beverages . If necessary, the store staff will charge HKD$15 per gram based on the weight of the remaining food and beverages, and the store will donate all of them to charitable organizations.
  • Please do not waste tableware resources . We encourage users to prepare their own tableware . If you use our tableware , we hope that users can reuse them to achieve environmental protection.
  • If children need to use the pantry, they must be accompanied by an adult. The adult is responsible for ensuring the safety of the child, and the company will not be responsible for any damage.

Create or Art Jamming in-store

- Please do it at the place designated by the clerk.

-Please use the paint carefully , do not stain the paint on other objects outside the designated place ( such as the sofa / bench in the store, etc. ), if it is stained , the store will charge a cleaning fee of HKD$200 .

- All supplies are only for on-site use and cannot be taken away ; if you want to take away ( except for finished / semi-finished works ), the full price of the product will be charged.

-Please clean the art equipment after use by yourself , otherwise the shop will charge HKD$100 cleaning fee per person.

- The shop does not provide bags or boxes , please dispose of it yourself and take away the paintings.

-The free utensils provided by our shop include : easel, paintbrush, apron, plastic color paint. Canvas and other painting materials are available for an additional fee.


- Monthly rent users must pay the rent on time.

- If the monthly renter expires , the item must be removed within 14 days after the expiry date , otherwise the store will remove the item from the locker from the locker and keep it for another 30 days Without further notice , the shop will not be responsible for any loss. If the item is not returned within 30 days after being removed , the store will handle it by itself.

- Monthly renters are required to pay the overdue rent ( HKD$30/ day for medium lockers, HKD$50/ day for large lockers ) before they can collect their items.

- No illegal items can be hidden in the cabinet, and the items in the cabinet are the responsibility of the tenant.

-The store will not be responsible for the items in the cabinet ( including but not limited to such as loss, damage ) .

- All terms and conditions are finalized by the shop.

-Users need to bring their own locks

weather arrangement

rainstorm warning

Amber Rainstorm Warning / Thunderstorm Warning - remains open.

Red Rainstorm Warning - remains open.

Black Rainstorm Warning

  • If it is released during the opening hours , it will remain open , and new appointments will be suspended on the same day. And announced that the store will be closed.
  • If the announcement is made before the store opens, the venue will be delayed until 3 hours after the warning is lifted.
  • However, due to the unpredictable weather, The store also needs to ensure the safety of employees. Please refer to our social media updates.

Typhoon Warning

Typhoon Signal No. 1 - remain open

Typhoon Signal No. 3 - remain open

Typhoon Signal Nos. 8, 9 and 10-

  • The shop needs to close as soon as possible. Please pay attention to the instructions of the clerk.
  • If the typhoon signal is cancelled before noon , the shop will be open 3 hours after the signal is cancelled and only provide limited services. If cancelled after noon , all shops will be closed all day.
  • However, due to the unpredictable weather, The store also needs to ensure the safety of employees. Please refer to our social media updates.

Change of appointment due to the above weather conditions

  • If the appointment has already started, no changes will be accepted.
  • If the appointment cannot be arranged due to the above weather arrangements , you will be able to contact our store to change the time. ( valid for 3 months )

Coolistic has the final decision.