Consignment Terms

Consignment Terms and Conditions:
  • Location of consignment and delivery point: Room 2101H, 21/F, Nan Fung Centre, Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan / Room 02, 10/F, Hong Kong Trade Centre, How Ming Street, Kwun Tong (for delivery only)

  • The charges for each plan are based on rent and closing commission.

  • Orders will be traded at our store, or sent by our store on behalf of the seller by SF Express. Our store will try our best to pack the product to avoid damage, but if it is damaged due to our packaging problems, our store will compensate the seller for 30% of the price of the product. If the damage is caused by the courier company, the courier company will compensate.

  • ​If the seller has an order that is not traded in our store, but wants to receive it in our store or send it from our store, it will charge HKD$20 for each pick-up order.

  • The monthly turnover will be settled at the end of the current month. The sales report will be sent by email on the 7th of each month. The transaction amount transfer period is 14 working days.

  • The sales rules and storage are all in accordance with the store's regulations. If there is any loss or theft during the exhibition period, we will not be responsible for the storage.

  • Brands can arrange their own counters within the designated range without affecting others and stores. Only COOLISTIC has the right to change the display method of products on the shelves.

  • It is strictly forbidden to purchase products from wholesale or online shopping platforms (such as Taobao, Gmarket, Amazon, SD, etc.) and if they are found or reported and confirmed, they will immediately cancel their qualifications for participating in the exhibition, and the relevant fees will not be refunded.

  • To ensure the quality of the program, private transfer or merger of counters is strictly prohibited for accepted brands. COOLISTIC will immediately remove the brand's booth without refunding the relevant fees and deposits. The registered brand and the brand that accepts the transfer will be blacklisted.

  • This event cannot be cancelled after payment is confirmed. If you cannot cooperate, please arrange the transfer of the brand by yourself. After COOLISTIC has reviewed the style and completeness of the work, it can be transferred.

Consignment Item Restrictions

Consignments must be hand-made products, self-created brands and approved agency brands.
It is strictly forbidden to purchase products from wholesale or online shopping platforms (such as Taobao, Gmarket, Amazon, SD, etc.).

​If selling prepackaged food, the consignor must have a food manufacturer license and relevant qualifications, and the food packaging specifications must comply with Hong Kong laws.

If found or reported and confirmed, the registration and participation qualification will be cancelled immediately, and the relevant fees will not be refunded.

legal liability

  • The company does not have any partnership relationship with the tenants, only for the pure material tenant relationship.

  • If there is a quality problem with on-site and after-sales products and services, all after-sales services such as replacement or after-sales work are the responsibility of the relevant tenants.

  • The products displayed or the services provided by the tenant must comply with the relevant laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and they must bear the legal responsibility caused by the products or services. Make relevant compensation and assume relevant legal responsibilities for relevant damages or losses.

  • During the lease period or under any circumstances, if the tenant causes the damage or theft of the store equipment or causes any accidental injury or death of any person, the tenant must bear the relevant compensation and legal liabilities, and the company is not responsible.

  • The products sold by the tenants must be original designs and comply with the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's subscription copyright and intellectual property regulations. If the tenants cause any loss or be recovered due to the sale of products that violate the relevant regulations, the company will not No indemnity and responsibility for this.

  • Confidentiality clause Tenants undertake to keep the contents of this agreement and any business information of the company, including (but not limited to) the promotions and promotional activities organized, co-organized or co-organized by the store confidential. The validity period of this agreement is valid until six months after the conclusion of the agreement, and the participants guarantee that their employees and employees must abide by this commitment. If the confidential information is leaked, the shop reserves all rights to investigate.

contract period

  • The contract period is 3 months or 6 months.

Venue regulations

  • The materials for display and arrangement shall be prepared by the tenants themselves, and safety shall prevail. If the arrangement needs to be removed because the company considers it inappropriate, the tenant must follow the instructions, otherwise the company has the right to terminate the tenancy immediately without any compensation.

  • Tenants can bring their own goods to the store, or have them delivered to the store by express delivery (the freight is paid by the tenant).

  • The company is not responsible for any loss to the tenant.

  • This space and the online store do not accept joint applications, each account only allows one tenant and its brand.

  • Tenants shall not sublet or allow use by third parties or outsiders.

  • After the lease ends, the tenant is required to leave the venue with the goods, display tools and arrangements on the same day.

  • Tenants must arrange, display, dismantle and clean up their booths within the confirmed time within the scope specified by the shop. If the display damages the image of the store and fails to coordinate with the request of the store, the store has the right to terminate the cooperation, and the tenant's deposit will be used to compensate the loss of the company.

  • At any time, the store has the right to screen the goods for display and sale provided by the tenants. The goods must be healthy and in line with the overall unified image of the store. In case of any dispute, the shop reserves the right of final decision and reserves the right to terminate the sale and display of the relevant goods at any time.

  • The products sold by the tenants must have been approved by the company. If any unapproved products are found to be sold at the site, the company has the right to immediately terminate the use of the booth without any compensation.

  • Tenants must properly handle customer complaints about the products and services they provide.

  • Except for the products that are negotiated and sold in advance, the on-site promotion activities of other products cannot be involved.

  • The personnel on duty of the tenant must be neatly dressed to ensure that the image of both parties is not damaged.

  • After business hours, tenants must leave the premises on time.

  • All arrangements are subject to the final decision of the shop, and participants shall not object.

  • ​Tenants are also required to comply with other regulations within the store.

Upload pictures and files

Consignment users can only send relevant information related to our consignment, such as the product map of the consignment.

​If any other irrelevant content is found, the company will delete it without notice.

All arrangements are subject to the final decision of the shop, and participants shall not object.