CULTURAL SPACE cultural and creative communication space|SOLO single workbench

Welcoming individuals or groups

Suitable for individuals and groups alike

The space is suitable for personal work, review and further study; it is also suitable for various group activities and workshops. The space design also takes care of those who like tranquility or those who like to share together.

Hosting workshops without constraints

Organize different activities without restrictions

Designed to organize various types of events and workshops.

The flexible and comfortable flexible activity space is a shared activity venue for you and other groups.

You can conduct different individual, group or group activities in this flexible space, which is more suitable for holding flowing workshops or regular classes

On-demand group booking

Flexible rental plan

Regardless of headcount, it is easier for instructors to control and budget costs based on the total number of people in each group.

Online reservation (hourly rental | daily rental)

Make an appointment and pay online instantly, and earn HKD$1 = 1 point membership point, which can be used for venue rental or shopping in the store.

monthly plan


What is the concept of charging?

We charge on a per-group basis, providing a flexible and flexible way for tutors and event organizers to make it easier for you to control costs.

Compared with other spaces that charge based on the entry and exit records of each individual student, which makes it difficult for instructors to control the time and cost of the event, our charges include the total number of attendees (organizer + participants) of the event within the specified time, allowing instructors to Make it easier to calculate student fees and give more flexibility in class activity times. It is especially suitable for activities that start and end in a flowing manner (such as regular classes, homework review classes, consulting services, etc.).

Do I need to make a reservation to use the space? Or you can rent it on site.

Generally, on-site rental can also be arranged.

However, the rental situation will be relatively full during certain time periods and days. If the event is already planned, we strongly recommend making a reservation with us first.

Can tutors and students have takeaway food?

Under normal circumstances, we are allowed to eat some simple or non-flavored foods. However, spicy and sour rice noodles, curry and other strong-smelling foods are absolutely prohibited.

As for students, if necessary, they can eat simple foods, such as sandwiches and rice balls. Try not to eat lunch boxes, pasta and other main dishes in the store.

Moreover, if students spend time eating, it will delay the progress of your activities and increase your costs.

Can I come early to prepare?

OK. We will register tenants 10 minutes before the start of registration and 10 minutes after completion for preparation and pick-up. If this time is exceeded, personal hourly rates will be calculated.

However, please note that this preparation time is only available to registered tenants and cannot be used by traveling companions or students.

My students/travelers arrived early, can they go in and be seated first?

Except for registered tenants who can enjoy 15 minutes of preparation time before the reservation time, other people (such as students, traveling companions, etc.) are not allowed to sit early and must wait in the store.

Can my students/travelers continue to sit after the activity?

If there are no other reservations after that day, students/travelers can continue to pay the rent to use the space after the event. Please go to the counter before use.

Is there a limited number of people per table?

No, but the stations we provide are already configured for the optimal number of users.

If you want to add more seats, you can inquire with our store staff at no extra charge. However, if the quantity is not feasible, our store staff has the right to refuse.

Where can I sit?

Under normal circumstances, we open free seats to all users. Depending on the situation, our store staff will reserve a seat for reservation users.

If an independent room is opened for shared space use, users are not allowed to occupy the entire room, nor are they allowed to close the door. If found, users will be charged for the hourly rent of the room.

Can the appointment be rescheduled or canceled?

All appointments can be rescheduled for free three working days before the appointment date.

There are no refunds in all cases.

If I rent monthly, will there be a designated exclusive station?

No. Our current monthly rentals are all for hot desks, but you can leave your preference for which desk you want when making the reservation, and we will arrange it for you if possible.

Are there time and date usage restrictions for monthly rentals?

No, monthly rental users can use the rented table without any time limit during the business hours from Monday to Sunday during the rental period.

However, on weekends and holidays, it is recommended to make a reservation with us before use.

Can I rent a two-person/four-person SOLO monthly to use a 2-person/4-person table?

It needs to be arranged according to the situation.

SOLO monthly fee customers can sit freely when other multi-person workstations are not in use or reserved. However, if the workstation is rented by a tenant, SOLO customers must give up their seats and sit back at the single-person workstation or other work arranged by the store staff. tower.


不可以。Group 只限由導師用於工作坊和教學之用,並不能用於個人和團隊溫習。如想使用空間作溫習之用,請同學各自以SOLO月費參加。