Collection: Enshiyu Cotton

Enshu cotton is a specialty of Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and is one of Japan's three major textile industries (Mikawa, Senshu, and Enshu).

Enshu cotton originated in the Edo period. Farmers in the city used it to make ends meet in winter, so they began to use machine-made cotton. Due to the industrialization movement in the Meiji period, handmade fiber looms began to be used, and they flourished in the Showa era. During the Heisei period, Enshu Mian declined due to the influx of a large number of overseas products.

now, Enshu Cotton is guarded by craftsmen who adhere to tradition. With traditional craft procedures and rigorous production, we produce in small batches. Because the fabric makes people feel the warmth of the craftsmen, Coupled with the scarce production, Enshu cotton was inherited and loved by many craftsmen.

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