non-compete agreement

The purpose of the "Non-Competition Agreement" is to establish a long-term and healthy cooperative relationship between tutors and COOLISTIC, thereby ensuring that tutors have a reasonable price to accept more different types of activities.

The following is the "Non-Compete Agreement" between COOLISTIC and activity instructors. Activity instructors participate in activities coordinated, organized or participated in by Boheng Enterprises/COOLISTIC (including but not limited to workshops, experience classes, and outreach activities). Agreement will be followed.


The content of the agreement is as follows:

1. Activity instructor No disclosure shall be made to event participants, participating institutions or related persons and institutions, Provide, exchange, receive, request or obtain in any way, directly or indirectly, the contact information of the parties.

2. The activity instructor shall not teach the activity within 6 months, without passing through Under the arrangement of Boheng Enterprises, Directly or indirectly contact participants, organizations or related persons or organizations of the event, or provide courses, activities or services directly or indirectly to participants, institutions or related persons or institutions of the activity, Regardless of charge or not.

This Agreement is valid for 12 months from the date of signing or acceptance of the terms .