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Li ち Amitabha cat

Li ち Amitabha cat

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Standing Amitabha cat.

Tsukuya さかい, a Buddhist fittings factory in Nagoya, It was founded in 2004 by Master Hao Sakai .

Since 1999 , Master Sakai has maintained Buddhist furniture and made wooden Buddha statues. and exhibited in multiple venues, His works are also sold at a luxury Buddhist furniture shop in Ginza, Tokyo.

Cat Buddha ( Cat Buddha) is the proud work of Sakai Hao and his wife. Designed and supervised by the wife, Works created by the hands of the mage, Not only is it full of love and happiness, Master Sakai also tried to delicately sculpt every emotional cat face, The rich expressions make people laugh out loud when they appreciate it.

 Height: 8cm, Width: 3.2cm, Depth: 3.2cm Base: Height 1cm, Width: 5.5cm, Depth: 5.5cm 
Material: Kiso juniper Hinoki is an excellent wood that grows in cold weather. The dense growth rings give the statue a unique texture and texture.

Together with a Japanese handmade paulownia box

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