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Tosa Ryu Shimanto Cypress Vertical Cutting Board

Tosa Ryu Shimanto Cypress Vertical Cutting Board

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Shimanto cypress comes from the forests along the Shimanto River in Kochi Prefecture, which is known as "the last clear stream in Japan". Due to the abundance of rainfall and the fertile land, Shimanto cypresses rich in oil are produced in abundance. Cutting boards made of Shimanto cypress are rich in oil, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria, have high antibacterial and drainage properties, are not afraid of moisture and mold, can effectively reduce the probability of black spots on the cutting board, and are not easy to leave odors and stains. In addition, after three to six months of natural drying, artificial desiccants and insect repellents are not used, and the natural method of production is adhered to. In order to legally obtain materials, Tosa Ryu produces logs in a sustainable manner, minimizing the impact on the environment. Shimanto cypress is suitable for softness and hardness, which can not only protect the kitchen knife but also increase its durability.
The Tosa Ryu one board is the highest quality among high-end cutting boards. The whole cutting board is cut from the same log, not spliced, and has the advantages of not being easily deformed and of stable quality. In addition, cypress wood has a high-quality aroma and a clean feeling. With a vertical standing design and rotating wooden legs, it is also very convenient for storage and drying.

Cypress cutting board maintenance
1. After use, please put it in a cool place without direct sunlight in a ventilated place, and let it dry naturally

2. Do not expose the freshly cleaned cutting board to direct sunlight, as it is easy to crack. Do not put it in an airtight cabinet immediately to avoid mold and black spots

3. Every kind of log material has its more prominent characteristics. The performance of cypress is in the upper middle level. It is very suitable as a chopping board for home and business use, but it is not suitable for chopping vigorously.

4. Do not expose the cutting board to the sun for a long time, or soak it in water for a long time, and avoid contact with any heat source or alternation of cold and heat. Excessive fluctuations in water content will cause cracks or bending deformation of the cutting board

S: 220 x 225 x 15mm
M: 180 x 345 x 15mm
L: 200 x 365 x 15mm
Country of manufacture: Japan

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