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Kotodo Japanese handmade coffee/tea airtight cans

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Jiangdongdo Takahashi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 1910 and has always been specialized in making airtight iron cans.

After more than 100 years of history and countless users, The iron cans of Jiangdongtang seem to be simple, but they contain many details.

Inside the airtight tank, there is also a golden airtight cover to further block the entry of moisture from the outside. The cover is made of higher specification metal to avoid temperature and humidity causing its expansion and contraction to affect the airtight function. In order to perfectly show its airtight function, and to open and close it smoothly, each lid will be adjusted and polished by craftsmen according to the slight differences of the can.

In order to prevent users from hurting their hands, the craftsmen of the production house gently roll them inwards on each side of the can to make each side smooth.

Cans are made from lead-free food grade metal.


200g style - liquid 613ml / coffee beans 190g /

300g style - liquid 756ml / coffee beans 245g /