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Lightweight folding umbrella made in Japan (Koshu first dyed Zhuzi fabric) - 碁 dish handle

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Made with pre-dyed vermilion fabric made in Koshu, Yamanashi Prefecture.

The first dyed Zhuzi weave made by Koshu is a Japanese high-quality fabric, dyed with water from Mount Fuji. Characterized by deep color effects, marbling and unique color effects created by twisting two or more colors of yarn, soft and shiny.

This elegant and lightweight folding umbrella is made with a lightweight frame made in Japan and traditional high-grade fabrics.

Fully open: 98cm

Handle length: 55cm

Folded length: 24.5cm

Weight: 250g

Made in Japan

*The actual product may have a color difference with the picture, and our store will not return it for this reason. If you want to ensure the color, you can go to the designated store to view the stock.