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Japan-made Waterproof Notepad (with Metal Hanging Ring) | Delos Cap-L

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2016 Good Design Award
[Hanging in the bag, to the sea, to the mountains]
Attach "first" to the shirt and coat, in fact cleaning tags that are washed together. Wet in the water is pulled also made of also durable "wash-paper" that does not tear. Such special paper is now in the memo pad. Its name is "TAGGED LIFE GEAR (tag-de-life gear)".
Strongly to rain or sweat, in the form to respond to the strong request of the easy-grip "TAGGED MEMO PAD (tag de memo pad)" with one hand from the user's outdoor enthusiasts aspire "I want to use the more active!" , Ring or rope to the Hall through, it can now be secured to the bag.
To make it easier to sketch or take a record inner sheets to the grid type of 5mm. Specializing in it that can be used for active, unprecedented is the outdoor memo.
So that there is no sense of incongruity also put of-ass pocket, not put dare hard mount, we supple finish.
・ Table can be written borders, also on the back of the plain
- one by one perforated that can be cut
- cover, on the medium-paper both uses the wash-paper
- you get the warp when dry and wet with water, but it increases the taste, such as damage processing
- carabiner and ring is sold separately.
・made in Japan
W 79 x H131 x D12mm
Grid 5mm
Number of sheets : 100 Pcs
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: washout Paper
Package: Individual Packaging
Year of manufacture: 2016