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"Phase" Exodus-Body and Soul X Photography Experience

"Phase" Exodus-Body and Soul X Photography Experience

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Is life too tiring? It's time to step out and connect with yourself.
-Facing the uncertainties and changes in life,
We need to cleanse our hearts of toxins on a regular basis,
Maintain a state of physical and mental harmony.

This experience combines body, mind and photography,
so you can focus on the present moment,
Let go of your troubles and calm your mind.

Healing the Mind with the Body: Open up the senses through relaxation exercises.
To heal the heart:
1. The instructor shares basic photography skills
2. Provide guidelines and references to help participants enter the sensory journey of photography indoors/outdoors.

Suitable for the following friends to participate:
- want to relax, want to get away.
-Deliberately explore your inner needs
- like photography

- Please wear light clothing
-Photography sessions may be held indoors or outdoors
- Please bring your own photography equipment (such as: phone, tablet computer, camera)
-Participants do not need to have photography experience
- This activity is not an activity to improve photography skills
- The pictures are for reference only

Event date and time : Available by appointment

If you want to arrange other days, or want to inquire about Baotang, please email for inquiries.

Number of activities : 4-10 people


COOLISTIC Tsuen Wan Store

Room 2101H, 21/F, Nan Fung Center


If the event needs to be canceled due to insufficient number of people, we will notify you one week before the event and arrange a full refund.

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