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Fusen FUJI Mount Fuji Post-it Notes

Fusen FUJI Mount Fuji Post-it Notes

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Chihiro Ikegaya , designer of Good by Market , in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1982 The birth and growth of Shimizu City. Because Shimizu City is very close to Mount Fuji, Iketani has a special affection for Mount Fuji. Therefore, he uses the color form of Mount Fuji to create a variety of products.

Its design features can be seen in his products, and it is not easy to see a complete Mount Fuji before use. But through the use and interaction of users and products, to present the form of Mount Fuji, So everyone has their own unique Mount Fuji.

Good by Market 's products are not only interesting and interactive, It also shows the designer's love for Mount Fuji.

Fusen FUJI Mount Fuji Post-it Notes

Just stick a sticky note on the book corner, and the book corner becomes Mount Fuji.

You can also write a message on the sticker, and then fold it in half, it becomes a Mount Fuji that carries you to speak.

Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm (20pcs)

Made in Japan

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