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Monster Friends-Pink Monster Rewind Incense Block

Monster Friends-Pink Monster Rewind Incense Block

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Poy , a potter from Thailand , I fell in love with pottery as soon as I came into contact with it. And decided to make ceramics as a lifetime activity.

Poy himself made monster friends one after another with his hands, and each one was slightly different, You can feel how Poy pours her love and affection on each monster. And every monster friend has its own story.

Lotte character of Thai people, It's also not hard to see from Poy 's monster friends. The one that readily accepts all difficulties, Living in the present life is slowly infecting everyone from each monster.

Origin: Thailand

Volume: about 5-6cm in height

*Each piece is hand-made by a potter, so the finished product of each piece of ceramics will be different in appearance, coloring, etc. And also because the products are not produced by machinery in the factory, each product may have small defects made by hand. We will not return or exchange due to various small defects without affecting its actual use. Please pay attention.

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