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Personal Astrolabe Study Class (5 lessons)

Personal Astrolabe Study Class (5 lessons)

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A personal horoscope is like a map of our lives, and it is unique. We often say that we are destined, but the actual destiny is to follow the journey on the life map to see how we complete it. On our life map, we can understand ourselves better, understand the difficulties and advantages in our lives, and understand why some things in our destiny cannot be avoided. When you understand the configuration of your astrolabe, everything will be clear!

- What is astrology – chart structure explained
Planet concept and zodiac constellations

- Planets and constellations - the main elements in the astrolabe
Ten Planets + Chiron
The role of the north and south nodes
Zodiac and planetary relationship
Different states of the planets - Guardian, Ascension, Profit, Defeat

- house - life scene
Introduction to Zodiac and Four Corners (ASC, DC, IC, MC)

- Aspects - dynamics in the chart
Introduction to Major and Minor Aspects

(Participants are required to provide their date of birth and location in advance. The tutor will prepare personal astrolabe charts, notes and after-class analysis and guidance for the students.)

Activity date and time : can be reserved Activity time length: 2.5 hours

If you want to arrange other days, or want to inquire about Baotang, please email for inquiries.

Number of activities: 5-10 people


COOLISTIC Kwun Tong Store, Room 02, 10th Floor, Harbor Trade Center, No. 117 How Ming Street

If the event needs to be canceled due to insufficient number of people, we will notify you one week before the event and arrange a full refund.

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