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Zodiac guardian

Zodiac guardian

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・"Zodiac Toys" by Kyoizumi Kawasaki.
Not only recommended for yourself, but also as a gift.
--- JAPAN MADE / Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture ---

・Pray for avoiding bad luck】
*Annual zodiac decoration 【Pray for good luck ・Longevity and safety】

Rat: child
Cow: ugly
Tiger: Yin
Rabbit: Mao
Dragon: Chen
Snake: Si
Horse: noon
sheep: no
Monkey: Shen
Chicken: Unitary
Dog: Xu Pig:

* This product is sold as a bag only.
* We recommend that you write your wishes or goals on a piece of paper and put it in your bag, or put a natural stone or amulet in your bag and carry it with you.

Kaya カヤ<br data-sanitized-data-mce-fragment="1">A blend of old Japanese traditions and new culture.
Kaya 【カヤ】is a brand of Japanese goods where you can meet [a new form of Japan].
we are at" Under the theme of “Civilization and Enlightenment”, we propose exciting Japanese products full of colors and modern Japanese style.

*Each item is handcrafted by an artisan and may vary slightly in shape and color. Please understand in advance.

Size: Height 6.4 cm, Width 4 cm
Material/Composition: Polyester, Gold Thread: 64% Polyethylene, 36% Aluminum

Country of manufacture: Japan
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