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Maruju Gold Mesh Metal Ceramic Double Layer Baking Mesh

Maruju Gold Mesh Metal Ceramic Double Layer Baking Mesh

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Ceramic griddles are popular in major cafes and bakeries in Japan, and have a high exposure rate on social media .

It is easy to use, just put the ceramic grill on the open flame cooking stove, and you can make bread with a taste like charcoal grilling.
The principle of this magical baking net is that through the ceramic design at the bottom, it will generate far infrared rays after direct fire heating. Compared with ordinary small ovens or toasters, it can quickly transform the surface of bread into golden yellow in a short period of time, while the inside The layer can maintain moisture, achieve the effect of crispy outside and soft inside, and the surface can be baked with check pattern.
In addition to
bread , you can also grill sausages, rice cakes, vegetables, and meat and fish with less fat. Available in two size options. In addition, the Japanese also like to put the grilling net on the pottery oven for grilling meat.

size: 220W × 220D × 40Hmm
Material: grid-iron grid chrome-plated / bottom-ceramic
Origin: Japan


1. It is normal for each ceramic grill to have cracks and fine powder, which will not affect the quality of grilling.
2. If you use a gas stove, do not cook food with oil or juice, because it may block the burner and cause danger.

3. If it is used in a cassette furnace, it is not recommended to use it for a long time. The far-infrared rays generated by the ceramic heating may cause the gas tank to overheat and cause danger.
4. Clean after cooling, usually only clean one side of the metal surface, so as not to cause damage to the ceramic part.
5. If the ceramic part starts to fall off, it needs to be replaced.
6. Only suitable for open flame cooking stoves, not for induction cookers.
7. Not suitable for dishwashers. In addition, do not immerse the grill in water for a long time, so as not to cause damage to the ceramic part.

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