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Guan の bean scissors and bean curd bag gift set

Guan の bean scissors and bean curd bag gift set

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Founded in 1953, Cohana utilizes the handicraft development knowledge accumulated over the years to create a high-quality hand tool brand in collaboration with local Japanese industries. Cohana has always aimed to become a brand loved not only by craft lovers, but also by those who love unique and original stationery.

Each of Cohana's products is handmade by Japanese craftsmen, and is made into the most exquisite product by combining different handicrafts of each craftsman. This mini needle bag combines the skills of workers from Tokyo, Nara and Hiroshima.

Miniature wooden box needle inserts, the fabric is made of high-quality linen with calm colors, and each set comes with a glass bead needle of the same color.

Scissors size: 35mm
Soybeans Dimensions: about 15mm x 15mm x 20mm
Package Width: 76mm Height: 31mm Depth: 76mm

*If you cut hard objects forcibly, the blade will not engage properly and may damage the blade.
*The scissors case is made of genuine leather and may expand and contract slightly. Change color when wet with water or sweat.
*Fringe may set or discolour due to friction, moisture and UV rays.

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