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"Ge Yuzen" traditional Yuzen dyed soft ruler

"Ge Yuzen" traditional Yuzen dyed soft ruler

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Cohana was established in 1953 , using the traditional handicraft development knowledge accumulated over the years to create high-quality hand tool brands in cooperation with local Japanese industries. Cohana has always aimed to be a brand loved not only by craft lovers, but also by those who like unique and original stationery.

Each of Cohana 's products is handcrafted by Japanese craftsmen, by combining the different handicrafts of each craftsman to make the most exquisite products. This mini bag combines Shiga and Kanagawa.

The leather uses the "Geo Yuzen" technique derived from the traditional Japanese technique "Yuzen dyeing". Leather Yuzen is a special dyeing technique that uses special dyes to dye leather, which can also make leather uneven. The leather stitch technique can achieve some stitches but it is difficult to achieve fine patterns.

The soft ruler is made of glass fiber. This technology has been devoted to the manufacture and development of length measuring machines since 1897 in Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture. The development technology accumulated over the years has high precision. In addition, the soft ruler is designed in the original beige and black two-color design, which is easier to read.

Dimensions: 70 x 68 x 28 mm
Soft ruler length 1.5m

* Leather tags are made of genuine leather and may expand and contract slightly. Discoloration when wet with water or sweat.
*Kyoyu is a natural material, so leather color and unevenness.

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