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Fukuro Ori Fukuro Ori Japanese Quanzhou Towel (25x25cm)

Fukuro Ori Fukuro Ori Japanese Quanzhou Towel (25x25cm)

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Designed with traditional Japanese patterns, it is a bit nostalgic but epoch-making. Zao Seed combines traditional and contemporary designs, which can be easily integrated into Japanese families and daily life.

Tasteful colored threads are carefully woven in different patterns for a gentle feel.

Because the yarn is not stained with wax or paste, it absorbs water better than ordinary towels.

Quanzhou towels are characterized by their lightness, quick drying and easy water absorption, which are very suitable for the humid weather in Hong Kong.

Size: 25x25cm

Material: 100% Cotton


Natural dyeing will be affected by the state of vegetables and fruits, seasonal weather, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors during dyeing, so that the color of each batch will be slightly different. Think of it as a personality trait of your product.

Although the unique dyeing technique of Fukuya towel can reduce the fading, it will still be affected by the way and frequency of use by the applicator.

Washing attention:

Please use water from normal temperature to 30'C and wash with mild and neutral detergent.

Please avoid drying in the sun, it is recommended to hang in a dry environment.

Please avoid washing with chlorine detergent or bleach.

Using a front load washer or dryer has the potential to wrinkle, shrink, warp and lint the fabric.

Simple hand wash is recommended.


Please avoid direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time, it may cause discoloration or fading.

Please avoid soaking in water and sweat for a long time, it may cause fading.

Please avoid using it in an environment of 120'c or above.

Osaka Prefecture, Japan Product made in Izumisano City

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