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Gold の coffee beans 200g

Gold の coffee beans 200g

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A blend of specialty coffees that have won top prizes in international competitions and Q-grade specialty coffees recognized by coffee connoisseurs, A true golden blend coffee. Its tangy sweetness, silky texture and fruity acidity are the perfect combination.

Fragrance: ★★★★

Thick: ★★★☆

Sweetness: ★★★☆

Bitterness: ★★

Sour: ☆☆☆

Kato Coffee Shop was founded in Nagoya in 1986 and is a famous coffee shop in the area.

The owner, Tatsuya Kato, introduces the world champion coffee beans selected as the highest level in the Cup of Excellence, and roasts them in his own way, bringing out the different flavors of different countries.

Weight: 200g

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