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sunny harasu / red and tea

sunny harasu / red and tea

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Special Edition Illustrations:
Packaging illustrations by sioux. sioux feels the interaction of energy, life, heat, and moisture in every day life, and liberates from physical sensations through thoughts.
The theme of the illustration is "sufficiency, happiness" (satisfaction and happiness). Through the dramatic and gorgeous pictures, the flowers, birds and the moon are met under the clear stars, showing the beauty of the world.

Original design:
The meaning of the festival is taken from the traditional Japanese worldview "ハレとケ" (hare to ke) in Kunio Yanagida's time theory.
The pattern represents the days of the year with rain, and gold fans and trillium patterns are used on the celebration days.

Perfect for a celebration or as a gift.

Tea introduction:

Mild and sweet Japanese domestic black tea, clear and transparent red brown color, contains the sweet taste deeply extracted from the tea leaves.

On the border between Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture, there is a mountainous area called "Sayama Hills". In the north of the hills, the tea produced in Saitama Prefecture is called "Sayama tea", and in the south, the tea produced in Tokyo is called "Tokyo Sayama tea", or "Tokyo tea".

Packing: 2g tea bags x3
Place of Origin: Sayama, Tokyo

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