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kitten storage bag

kitten storage bag

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Meticulous design, soft touch like cotton candy, not only the color reproduction is super high, there are cute meatball embroidery on the hands and feet, and the pattern on the belly is not sloppy at all! A small amount of beads are placed at the front of the kitten's limbs to increase the weight. When held in the hand, the kitten's limbs will hang down naturally.

When you are tired from work or school, just touch him and you will feel healed! Hurry up and put him in the bag and go out together. In addition to storing cosmetics and other small items, it can also be used as a warm bag in winter, and the kitty becomes warmer and more lifelike!

Material/ Polyester, Polyurethane Blend Filling: Polyester 100%
Size/ Total length about 23cm (not including tail)

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