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Shizuku Natural Dyed Towel (34x85cm)

Shizuku Natural Dyed Towel (34x85cm)

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Absorbent and light towels, woven with fruits and vegetables of corresponding colors and patterns. Easy to put in your pocket for later use.

Quanzhou towels are characterized by their lightness, quick drying and easy water absorption, which are very suitable for the humid weather in Hong Kong.

Shizuku sorted out the leaves, seeds and skins of "Mizu eggplant", "Quenzhou onion", "Matsuba broccoli", "Saiyu carrot" and basil leaves, which are abundant in South Osaka, and then extracted the pigment to make a dye. From 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables, the workshop successfully produced 7 colors.

Then use the unique dyeing technique of Fuguya towel to show the beautiful color of wild vegetables on the towel, which will not fade easily. At the same time, the surface of the towel is also woven with the pattern of this kind of vegetable and fruit, which is beautiful and lovely.

Towels do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agents, or softeners in the production process, reducing the use of chemical materials, which is not only good for the environment, but also closer to your skin.

Size: 34x85cm

Material: 100% Cotton


Natural dyeing will be affected by the state of vegetables and fruits, seasonal weather, temperature, humidity and other environmental factors during dyeing, so that the color of each batch will be slightly different. Think of it as a personality trait of your product.

Although the unique dyeing technique of Fukuya towel can reduce the fading, it will still be affected by the way and frequency of use by the applicator.

Washing attention:

Please use water from normal temperature to 30'C and wash with mild and neutral detergent.

Please avoid drying in the sun, it is recommended to hang in a dry environment.

Please avoid washing with chlorine detergent or bleach.

Using a front load washer or dryer has the potential to wrinkle, shrink, warp and lint the fabric.

Simple hand wash is recommended.


Please avoid direct sunlight or fluorescent light for a long time, it may cause discoloration or fading.

Please avoid soaking in water and sweat for a long time, it may cause fading.

Please avoid using it in an environment of 120'c or above.

Osaka Prefecture, Japan Product made in Izumisano City