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SMOOTH Figure Block Toys

SMOOTH Figure Block Toys

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Miyazaki Just a shape writer, Good at using wood to make different types of art works, Manual work is the same as toys.

Works by Miyazaki-sensei, Will put on a smile. Using upper mechanical design, His works TEETH and Smooth can be stacked to produce multiple unique works that are like backhand attraction.

SMOOTH is a building block based on an interesting gray and harmonious twisted human figure, and Miyazaki's ingenious design allows the human figure to form a multi-rent, extremely interesting and absorbing form, like anti-gravity.

In addition to being an inspirational toy for children, it is also a very beautiful wooden decoration.

size: About H70~100×W33.3~70×D20 (one piece), a box of 7 figures.

Handmade in Japan

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