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TEETH BOX (2 pieces) building block toy display

TEETH BOX (2 pieces) building block toy display

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Miyazaki Just a shape writer, Good at using wood to make different types of art works, Manual work is the same as toys.

Works by Miyazaki-sensei, Will put on a smile. Using upper mechanical design, His works TEETH and Smooth can be stacked to produce multiple unique works that are like backhand attraction.

TEETH is a tooth-shaped design series. Miyazaki has skillfully calculated the weight distribution and angle of each tooth, which can be placed in four interesting stacking shapes. You can also try to discover different forms by yourself.

The TEETH series will have a wooden frame to store all the teeth, and can also store the deciduous teeth removed by the children in the box and turn it into a space, which will become a memory in the future.

In addition to being an inspirational toy for children, it is also a very beautiful wooden decoration.

size: H40 W40 D20 (integrated)/ H40 W40 D20 (entirely)/ Storage position for deciduous teeth: DIA18 D12 x4

Handmade in Japan

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