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Japanese-made fruit tree log chopsticks

Japanese-made fruit tree log chopsticks

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Japanese-made fruit tree log chopsticks TETOCA are made of six kinds of fruit trees,
Including: chestnut, persimmon, tangerine, plum , peach , Olive , each wood has a different color, and even the same wood has different shades, which is unique.
The octagonal design of the upper part of the chopsticks can comfortably hold the chopsticks, and the quadrangular cut from the lower part to the tip of the chopsticks can firmly hold the food during use. The wooden body of the chopsticks is coated with 100% pure beeswax produced in Japan as a natural protective film. After a long time of use, you can re-coat the wood with beeswax to protect the wood for a long time.

Chopsticks are made of natural logs of fruit trees, not dyed. The same wood can have different shades, natural wood grains, and even occasional knots, but it will never affect the use.

Chopsticks are not dishwasher safe.

Material: 100% fruit tree logs
Size: 23cm
Origin: Japan
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