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Doraemon, Doraemon Cup Team

Doraemon, Doraemon Cup Team

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The super cute Doraemon & Doraemon cup set is here!
The Doraemon-shaped cup is very mischievous as it wobbles on the table, while the stable Doraemon-shaped cup is specially designed so that it will not shake.
Because the heat conduction effect of tin is good, put the cup in the refrigerator for 1-2 minutes in advance, the cup will become cold quickly, and you can enjoy a cool and cold drink easily.
Put lively and lovely Doraemon and Doraemon cups on the table to add smiles and warmth to your table.

Product size: Doraemon: H63 φ79 Doraemon: H62 W79 D82
Material: 100% of tin
Origin: Toyama Prefecture, Japan Weight Capacity: 650g (including outer box), Doraemon: 200cc (full), Doraemon: 220cc (full)

※H refers to the height from the table top to the rim, not the thickness.
※All products are hand-cast, and the appearance of each product will be slightly different. In addition, air holes and flow marks generated during casting are not included in the scope of defects.

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