Collection: No plucking era

A handmade ceramics brand founded by two girls. Through the image of plucking hair, it shows that people always care too much about other people's opinions. All hair on the body must be clean. By not plucking hair, it tells those who put too much pressure on themselves. People who are big and demanding about perfection, please relax and be brave enough to be yourself!

The hairy short legs tell you that you don’t have to change for anyone, be brave enough to be yourself, okay? Rubbing your hair, pinching your legs, and painting your beard together will bring you the most authentic touch warmth.

The hand-made ceramic vessels are glazed in a watercolor-like coloring method, giving a hand-painted feel. All products are made of white porcelain clay imported from Japan. The brand is committed to beauty, feel, originality, and is closer to the feelings of human life.

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