"S otto" is a spiritual tool that gently snuggles up with modern life. It was produced by Seto Seisakusho in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, a city that has become Japan's most famous copper and Buddhist utensils since the 17th century.

Sotto combines the warmth of natural wood and suppresses the luster and texture of metal while maintaining the heaviness characteristic of Takaoka copperware to create a minimalist design suitable for Japanese and Western rooms, which can be freely integrated into the interior environment.

  • Cherin チェリン

    美しく伫むおりん | A beautifully standing chime

    "Cherin" has a cute cherry shape, small and not taking up space, and looks like a work of art.

    The chime rod made of cherry tree is placed in the hole on the top, and the sound will not stop even if you put it back immediately after hitting it. Place the chime on the included black pad for a louder sound.

    Cherin is the first product and origin of the Sotto series.

    "Can't the bell be recreated in a completely different way?" This is why the project for the new brand Sotto began.

  • Caroma キャロマ

    ささやかに香りで満たす| Let the space be full of fragrance

    Caroma is an all-in-one incense holder and candle holder that allows you to light incense sticks, towers or candles at any time and conveniently.

    The upper part is the incense holder. The Japanese-made pottery cover can be placed on one side of the incense stick, and the other side can be placed on the incense stick. The brass incense holder with traditional Japanese patterns adds a gorgeous feel.

    The lower part is the candle holder, which can be safely lit, bringing a comfortable and relaxing light and a gentle aroma.

    Caroma and Cherin chimes work perfectly together to bring you moments of calm.

  • Ring Ring

    Ring ring can make a crisp and pleasant sound, allowing you to withdraw from the real environment and immerse yourself in thoughts and memories. The middle part is made of cherry wood, and the upper recess can put a ring or other ornaments that are meaningful to you, so that you can connect with the object when you ring the chime.

    Rings or other ornaments from No. 1 to No. 30 can be placed in the ring position, and even if rings or other ornaments are put on, the sound quality will not be affected.

In production, a technique called "forging" is used, where pressure is applied to heated metal to form the shape.

Using the technology that Seo has refined over the years, the brass softened by heating to 800 degrees is tempered with up to 800 tons of pressure to achieve high-quality cleanliness.

The production company spent more than a year studying how to combine these two chimes to produce the most beautiful sound.

The technology developed for Cherin has been patented. The perfect combination of the chime, plus the black cushion under the chime to enrich the sound, is the perfect result of pursuing the goal of "sound".

Cherin チェリン

Cherin Mini Cherin

  • Simple and contemporary lines

    Bring out the shape of the cherry with minimalist lines. Coupled with a low-polish finish and wood texture, it brings out the Japanese contemporary design style.

  • perfect balance

    Every component is in perfect balance. Not only can it make the sound more pleasing and loud, but also cooperate with the spiritual thought of "balance".

  • Combination of Sakura Trees and Mushrooms

    Sakura trees bring warmth and rich texture. It also makes louder audio more comfortable.

    The cherin (brass) will change its timbre with the user and the environment, so your life and thoughts can be perfectly combined with cherin.

  • Detail-focused design

    The chime rod can be perfectly placed vertically in the middle of the chime.

    After hitting the cherin, even if you put the chime back in position immediately, it will not affect its sound.

Caroma キャロマ

  • Simple and beautiful lines

    Integrated seamless design, simple lines can be integrated into any style of environment.

  • wonderful material combination

    It is made of forged real owl, with a Japanese-made magnetic top cover, which is balanced and elegant.

  • Both incense sticks and tar incense

    The magnetic device is stamped with a traditional Japanese handle, and one side can be placed with incense sticks.

  • Safe and beautiful candle holder

    The real candlestick at the bottom can hold a small candle,

Ring Ring

  • Inviolable and integrated into life

    The minimalist design full of contemporary sense blends into the living quarters with modern furnishings without any violation.

  • place ring

    Ring has a ring placement position, which can hold rings up to size 30, as well as other accessories.

  • Combination of Makoto and Cherry Blossom Wood

    The forged high-purity real brass (brass) and the warm cherry wood combine to create a positive and comfortable feeling.

  • integrated design

    The chime rod and the chime are designed in one piece, but they will not affect each other. Even putting the wand back in place after the chime has sounded will not affect the sound quality.