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The activities include one-time experience activities in the month, regular classes and short-term courses.


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Regular Activities Regular Activities

Below are our regular workshops, events and courses.

Activities are taught by relevant professional tutors.

Feel free to contact us directly for information on participation, private room quotations, etc. Activities can be in the form of individual participation in regular courses, group bookings or institutional quotations.

Events available by appointment

  • Introduction

    Promote the concept of upcycling

    Both children and adults can explore their own creativity and cultivate the sense of reusing "waste".

    The workshop is mainly divided into two parts: understanding and practice. Upcycling workshops with different themes allow everyone to experience the fun of upcycling and understand that waste reduction can actually be done by yourself! Among them, everyone is more welcome to bring your own old clothes and turn your old clothes into new products by yourself!

    The workshop is suitable for groups, individuals or families.


    Organized form


    Both the Kwun Tong and Tsuen Wan stores have occasional activities to participate in.

    Customized package :

    Come to class in COOLISTIC by customizing the date and time in the form of a private hall. The minimum charge is for 4 people.


    The tutor will go to the designated place to teach, usually the address of the institution, company or school, the activity room of the club, etc.



    welcome inquiries



    Whatsapp: 6654-8188

  • 【Upcycling Old Clothes】

    Use the hand-sewn method to transform old clothes that are no longer suitable into cute card holders, coin purses, patchwork mirror cases, mask covers, and mini wallets.

    Children can learn the concept of upcycling, cherish the objects/clothes they own, and use creativity to make old clothes valuable again. I believe it is a good environmental protection experience for parents and children.

    In addition to holding cards, the card holder can also be used as a small wallet. If you want to take a small bag out on holidays, it is also a good choice to use this card holder instead of the original wallet!

    Children must be 9 years old or above/

    Beginners who are interested in sewing

    Content: - Promote the concept of upcycling, daily upcycling methods
    - Learn basic hand sewing skills
    - Teaching magnetic clasp installation

    Activity Length: 1.5 hours

  • Card Holder|Octopus Holder