Street of Japanese Gold and Objects

"Tsubame Sanjo" in Niigata is the collective name of "Tsubame City" and "Sanjo City".

"Tsubame City" produces all kinds of pots and pans, while "Sanjo City" is an important metal processing and machinery manufacturing center. The two cities have a close relationship with each other, so they are commonly known as "Tsubame Sanjo". It is the largest metal tableware manufacturing center in Japan, and many craftsmen are involved in it.

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Sanjo City has raw materials such as iron ore and lumber, and its transportation is good. It became the base of the metal processing industry in the 17th century. It developed vigorously during the Edo period and began to develop automobile parts and tool manufacturing after the war. Famous for its kitchen knives and scissors.

Tsubame City started out as a staple manufacturer, and later developed into a Western tableware manufacturing center accounting for 90% of the country's production.