non-compete agreement

The purpose of the "Non-Competition Agreement" is to allow a long-term and healthy cooperative relationship between the tutor and COOLISTIC, so as to ensure that the tutor has a reasonable price to accept more different kinds of activities.

The following is the "Non-Competition Agreement" between Boheng Enterprise (English: BROADWIN ENTERPRISE), the company name of COOLISTIC, and the activity instructor. The activity instructor will participate in activities organized, organized or participated in by Boheng Enterprise/COOLISTIC (including But not limited to such as workshops, workshops, outreach activities) will be subject to agreement.


The content of the agreement is as follows:

1. Activity mentor Not to event participants, participating institutions or related persons and institutions, Providing, exchanging, receiving, requesting or in any way directly or indirectly obtaining the contact information of the parties.

2. The instructor of the activity shall not, within 6 months after teaching the activity , without passing Under the arrangement of Boheng Enterprise, directly or indirectly contact the event participants, institutions or related persons or institutions, or directly or indirectly provide courses, activities or services to participants, institutions or related persons or institutions of such activities, Whether charged or not.

This agreement is valid for 12 months from the date of signing or accepting the terms .